Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Stevie J Claims He Paid Child Support!

Stevie J, star of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, was arrested this past summer for owing more than a million dollars in child support. He has two children with a former girlfriend and is supposed to pay “$6,600 a month which was then raised later on to $8,800.” Stevie J has been accused of not paying child support since 2001. 

The Jasmine Brand claims that “Stevie J filed docs in the case demanding the federal government hand over royalty records they obtained in regards to how much he made off music he produced. He explains that back in 2005, he entered into a deal with Royalty Recovery to be his exclusive agent to administer his rights and collects royalties, fees and expenses owed to him for his work in music. Stevie J says the company also made payment to the NYS Child Support Center on behalf of his baby mamma for their two children. He says that he was only paid his cut after she received her child support money.”

Interesting development…

Source: The Jasmine Brand
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RHOBH’s Yolanda Foster’s Husband Speaks About Her Condition!

Yolanda Foster, a cast member of RHOBH, has been very vocal about her struggles with Lyme Disease. She recently discussed that a relapse in December had affected her ability to read and write. Yolanda has reiterated over and over that she is determined to find a cure and return to normalcy.

Her husband, David Foster, recently spoke to US Weekly about his wife. David shares that his wife is “not great”. He claims that “she’s just worn out. It just beats you to the ground. The strange thing about Lyme is that for some people can get it and they can have it for a couple of years and they just fight it off like a cold. And for other people it brings them to their knees.”

However, David says that his wife is a“warrior” and will beat this disease. He shares that Yolanda “keeps traveling the world looking for a cure and when she finds it she’ll be able to give that to the world.”

Source: US Weekly
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RHOA’s Kenya Moore Discusses Her Feud With Brandi Glanville!!!

Kenya Moore recently discussed her feud with Brandi Glanville to In Touch Weekly. Kenya admits she snapped when she said that Brandi’s ex husband left Brandi for for a younger, prettier woman.” Kenya says she lashed out after having to deal with “constant insults from” Brandi over the course of five to six weeks. Kenya says, “From attacking my physicality — she at some point said to the other girls that I was fat. She talked Jamie [Anderson] out of using me as a model because she told Jamie I wasn’t in ‘model condition,’ that I was fat — those type of things.”

Kenya claims the final breaking point came when Brandi Glanville referenced the infamous RHOA brawl where Porsha Williams dragged Kenya on the floor by her hair. Kenya claims that Brandi said to her, don’t make me beat your ass like Porsha [Williams] did”. Wow!

Brandi sure has a lot of feuds with people. Will be interesting to see what her future will be at Bravo!

Source: In Touch Weekly

RHOC’s Shannon Beador Lists Her Home at $13 Million!

Wait – there is an actual Housewife who is wealthy? Gasp! Just kidding. Anyway, Shannon Beador from Real Housewives of Orange County has put her home “in Newport Beach back on the market at $12.998 million.”

The LA Times describes the home as a “European Country-inspired residence” that “features a double-height foyer with a sweeping staircase, large formal areas, two chef’s kitchen, a fitness center, a master wing, six bedrooms and 11 bathrooms in 13,306 square feet.” If you watched last season, then you know the home also has a basketball court!

I wonder where the Beadors will be living next!

Source: LA Times

Party Down South 2 Recap: Father Knows Best!

The episode starts with Raven throwing a drink on Bradley. Poor Hunter missed it! He always misses the fights! Bradley chases after Raven and they keep calling each other “immature”. Ugh – boring!!! Hunter makes sure that he is right in the middle of this one. No way is he missing it again! He is the best cast member on this season. Raven covers Bradley’s mouth and says “you hung up on my friend like a b*tch”. Hunter is annoyed – its keg time! He tells Bradley to let it go and have a drink. Raven goes up to her bed and sleeps.

Bradley can’t wait until tomorrow morning so he finds Raven and talks to her. He apologizes for being a jerk. Raven thinks she did nothing wrong. Eh, ok lady. You can’t reason with a blackout. Raven joins him in bed. Time for some make-up sex!

Hunter decides to cuddle with the keg while everyone wonders off to bed. Hunter is going to stay up all night and finish this keg! He tries to wake up all the roommates so they can john him. He starts pulling everyone off of their beds. Well everyone except Magan. Hunter is afraid she may bite his ears off he wakes her. Smart boy! He ends the night by serenading the keg.

It’s the next morning and all the roommates are hung over. The roommates discuss their plans to go to a bar tonight. Karynda is very excited for tonight -she wants some lovin’ Duke says Karynda needs to find a man with teeth. Wow – those are some low standards. 

Raven calls her father and is super excited to find out that he is going to come over! Side note: her dad has a friend named Chicken Wing. Raven informs the roommates her Poppa is coming over. Raven warns Bradley to not reveal who he is to her father. Apparently Poppa likes to pick on her boy toys. Bradley, being oh so cocky, says he will walk straight up to him and tell him they are having sex. Deep down he is pissing in his pants!

Karynda, Tommy, Duke, Magan, and Ashton head out to party. Karynda is hunting for a make out session. Tommy pleads with the roommates for a “no fighting” night. They walk into the bar and its empty. Awkward. Magan doesn’t care – she starts her own dance party. Magan starts doing her stripper moves on the bar. Not gonna lie – she looks good. Karynda does her Cardiac Arrest dance and one guy at the bar is feeling it. Ashton and Karynda join Magan on the bar. One random girl calls Magan a skank and tells her “to keep her pants on”.  Tommy notices the tension and tries to defuse the situation by taking Magan outside for a smoke. On the way out, Magan calls the random girl a “dumb b*tch”. The random girl and her boyfriend decide to go outside and confront Magan. Yes, her boyfriend is in Magan’s face. Trash. The random girl tries to fight Magan. Tommy tries his hardest to separate them. Magan keeps telling the girl “she doesn’t want to fight” but this girl is relentless. Eventually the bartenders kick the random girl out. The roommates go back inside and the booze starts flowing. Karynda is working her magic on this guy named Howard. They exchange numbers and she looks so happy!

The next morning, Raven is in the kitchen and cleaning. Bradley finds it hilarious that she is actually cleaning for the first time since being in the house. Raven is stressed preparing for her father. Raven reveals that her dad will be staying the night. Bradley hopes that her dad will like him.

Raven’s dad finally arrives! And he brought Chicken Wing! Bradley greets Ravens dad and says something really weird and awkward. He walks away feeling mortified – you should. Next time, just say hello! Bradley thinks Raven’s dad is the biggest redneck he has ever met! Bradley keeps the awkwardness going with Raven’s dad by trying to make really weird jokes or by arguing with him. Hunter reminds us all that Bradley is terrible with first impressions. Hunter is loving the show and  cant stop laughing as Raven’s father keeps calling Bradley out.

All the roommates, besides Ashton and Magan, head out. Bradley puts his arm on Poppa’s shoulder, however he is told instantly “don’t hug me, dude”.  Raven asks her dad if he likes Bradley and he says no. Bradley feels uncomfortable with Raven trying to force him on his father.

Meanwhile, Ashton and Magan have a slumber party. Ashton says she is going to go out on a date with her ex-Tyler. Magan is annoyed and tells her to stand up for herself. Magan tells her to be happy and not worry about men. Ashton is grateful to have a friend like Magan.

The roommates return to the house and Poppa corners Duke. He wants to know the scoop on Bradley. Poppa thinks Bradley is a liar. Duke is sweating — and doesn’t really provide any details. Duke is not surprised that Poppa doesn’t like Bradley. It looks like Duke is also not a fan of Bradley.

The next day, Poppa and Chicken Wing head out. Bradley is avoiding Poppa like the plague while Tommy and Hunter are chatting him up. Bradley tells Magan that he felt so uncomfortable around Raven’s dad. He tells her that the only reason Raven’s dad was here was because of him. Magan, in a loving way, calls Bradley out for being selfish. Seriously! This guy’s ego is out of control! Raven tries to make Bradley feel better and says everything is fine.

The roommates head out to go mudding. They show up and there is a big crowd. Karynda is in “redneck heaven”. The roommates start funneling some beers. Hunter is ready to get lit! Duke starts awkwardly mud wrestling with a guy, Hunter and Bradley look horrified. Hunter thinks his friend Duke should be focusing on the ladies! The girls hop on the back of a truck and start dancing. A girl comes over and tells them to get down. Raven gets angry and walks away. Karynda decides to confront the girl that yelled at them. The girl’s fiancée says that the girls had no right to be in their truck. Karynda is not interested in his response and keeps yelling at the girl. Everyone starts swarming Karynda. The girls fiancée gets in her face. Newsflash dudes: don’t get in a girls face. Let your girl handle her own stuff! We will have to wait until next week to see how this all unfolds.

RHONJ’s Jim Marchese Thinks Bravo Should Fire Teresa Guidice!

Amber and Jim Marchese were new additions to the RHONJ franchise last season. And viewers know that Jim is not one to hold back. Lately, there have been so many casting rumors circulating RHONJ. Jim believes that Bravo has a moral responsibility to stop glorifying crime on the popular show.

He shares with Confidenti@l, that he believes “glorifying a felon’s life is counterproductive” and it is inappropriate. He also states, “By the same argument, I think we could have (imprisoned Ponzi schemer)Bernie Madoff on the show. He has good name recognition also, and he’s done things and I’m sure there would be some curiosity.”

He says that show should be about about families and dynamics. It isn’t about seeing how individuals can work our system, rip off the American people, not pay taxes and then live a lifestyle that pretty much no one I know has.”

I have to agree with Jim on a certain level. I think its time for the show to move on from focusing on Teresa and Joe’s crimes. I think it’s really horrible to see how the young girls are being affected by this. I personally enjoyed the show a few seasons ago before all this financial drama started. I think viewers are also sick of it. Plus, I have to imagine that Teresa does not want to return to the show. I am inclined to think she would want her own spin-off. Thats just my two cents!

Source: Confidenti@l

Blind Item: Which Housewife Is Banned From A Popular Talk Show???

Tamara Tattles has a great blind item today!

This west coast housewife was banned from appearing on a popular morning talk show after her reckless mouth was overheard by staff on her last appearance. When staff informed the host that the HW had disparaged her personally and referred to her as “a bitch,” the popular host refuses to allow her back. This could also be why the show can barely be bothered to mention HWs anymore.  The rule was not even broken when the HW was supposed to publicize another opportunity on the show with the rest of the people involved.  Ah, consequences for the reckless mouth at last. Long may consequences continue.

Ok so we only have OC and BH. Now, Brandi Glanville has been promoting Celebrity Apprentice lately. It could be her! Thoughts?

Source: Tamara Tattles